Butterfly or Moth?

These little white fliers are everywhere, seemingly all at once! Photographing them takes a bit of patience, as they don’t stay long at one spot on a flower, or a weed, or in the grass. They’re very common, but are they a butterfly, or a moth-like species?


2 responses to “Butterfly or Moth?

  1. Nice images of the Cabbage whites. I just learned something new about them. They are not native too North America. They were accidentally introduced in Montreal in the 1860s or so and are a European Species. Since then it has evolved into definitely at lest three different species and is considered a pest through out the America’s. It has characteristic of both moth and butterfly. Depending on what field guide you are reading they can be called a moth in one and a butterfly in another. I personally think of them as moths.

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  2. Great information, talain45! Thank you for commenting. I always think of these Cabbage Whites as a moth, too, because of the texture of their wings, very moth-like in appearance and likely to “rub off” easily if touched.


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