My Primary blog at WordPress is:
http://www.mywritinglifexposed.wordpress.com , where a complete list of my many blogs is listed.

Everyone has special photos. Below, is one of mine.


I remember being very disappointed at a young age when I heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but as I grew into picture-taking and received my first Brownie with built-in flash, I began to better appreciate that statement. And it didn’t in the least spoil the fun of pointing and shooting my Brownie!

Whether one is an amateur picture-taker, like myself, or is a professional photographer, like many others, here, on WordPress, special photographs are dear to our hearts and help define who we are. Some we take ourselves and proudly display, if we can find accommodation to do so, and other pictures have been taken by family, or friends, but nonetheless are intimate to our lives.

Although I have in the past posted many of my own pictures on Facebook, and on Internet article and blog-writing sites where I’ve participated since 2007, I’ve decided to post the bulk of my photos in a photo-blog, especially for the purpose of my own gratification and to share pictures with others who enjoy photography on any level and who like to visit others’ works at picture-posting sites. I also have developed a blog to specifically post my exhibit photography displayed and recognized at our county fair. It is:
http://www.mycountyfairexhibit.wordpress.com . There, I explore the world of fairs and will continue to post scans of my exhibit work and of the fair in general.

Most of the photos that appear in My Special Photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot 5x, my Canon PowerShot Elph 135 8x, and my GE HZ15x. All are out-of-camera products, completely un-retouched. Some, like “Favorite Black and Whites”, are oldies and were taken with cartridge cameras of the past, or 35mm disposable cameras, as well as with my first ever camera, the Brownie with a built in flash casing into which real flash bulbs needed to be inserted. Oh, the good old days!

At http://www.photosandbeyondwordpress.wordpress.com , I clicked a lot of the images with my Nikon CoolPix L830. I also have photos at:
http://www.abstractphotoartblog.wordpress.com , where I experiment with all cameras and a heart-shaped Prism, as well as other tools, and at:

Thanks for visiting my photo blog sites, as well as some of the others I maintain, here, at WordPress!

My Second Primary WordPress blog is:
http://www.horsesandanimalsaretalkin.wordpress.com , where you may find out more about me and my work on the Internet.

I also write a Composite WordPress blog entitled:
http://www.nearthefinishline.wordpress.com , at which I record random events and experiences, while many times referencing one, or two, of my other 19 blogs, where the subject may be handled more in depth.

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


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