A Crispy Crunchy Morning

Wednesday, January 14, 2015, will be remembered as a crispy cold day on which people crunched their way to work and play! Trees sprouted branches and leaves of ice and temperatures leveled off in the single digits.



It Is Snowing…

The second “real” snowstorm of the Winter season began its work Sunday evening and continued through Monday morning, with village and state snowplows and local snow jockeys with their own plowing blades appearing in every neighborhood of our little city.







And it snowed, and trucks kept trucking;



and geese kept flying southwesterly;


and work crews kept crewing;


and pups kept asking, “Go where?”;


until it stopped with Winter white trees sparkling through, and a big Winter statement ended, once again;


and clean-up continued.

Best of A Cold Morning


Gulls come in flocks and singles around the bend in the Maumee River to the direct East of our apartment building. Such was the case this morning.

I’m on an endless quest to get close-up flying photos of these beautiful white, long-winged birds. They appear to be Herring Gulls, which, according to and as pictured in my “Smithsonian Birds of North America” (2001), are very prevalent in our Ohio area near the Great Lakes.

It’s also interesting to catch these birds cruising along the tree-lined riverbank.



It’s easy to see the gulls coming down river crossing the East bend along Winter’s bare tree-line in long swoops that bring them closer to the South side, or in tighter angles that take them along the North edge of the water.

Wingspans of these gulls can be nearly five feet, and their pure whiteness is highlighted by black wingtips.

This morning, against a cold, blue Winter sky (brrr… ! ), they photographed quite well with my Canon Powershot ELPH 135:

The fun is catching their wings in different stages of flap and float and soar.


Any way you look at it, these gulls are like low- and high-flying aircraft. And sometimes they depart from their plane-like behavior to dip low enough to the ground to inspect prospects for lunch.


Winter Wonderland…Before Thanksgiving

Winter Wonderful has made Winter Wonderlands of a good part of the nation in the last week, and The Weather Channel says it’s just getting started. Oh, my!

Here’s a look from Northwest Ohio:


Whoa! Is that a big ol’ snowplow truck slithering around the corner?!

Blue skies emerged at last, but the next storm is on its way!