Really…Lake Effect Snow Already?

Oh, my! Snowflakes and plows and double-takes! Oh, my… it’s the season’s first Winter snow — but it’s still FALL!


It started last night,
hinted at morning’s plight.


This morning’s blowing,
quickly got us knowing
It wouldn’t stop soon,
not even by noon!

It brought us to attention,
early Winter’s gloomy mention.


The bridge was fine,
but sitting was undermined.

Trees bent very low
and branches were so.

Birds said emphatically “no”;
headed off to otherwise know
a place of sunset’s glow.


Thank You Veterans…

Throughout the year, we celebrate the service of our war veterans and service men and women stationed around the globe. With special days set aside, like today, Veterans Day, we offer best wishes to our vets. Let’s think of them every day! They all sacrifice so we, the majority of Americans, may live in this free nation of democracy. Say thank you to a veteran today and every day!