All Alone


This stubby little fellow seems to be seeking companionship. He usually travels in a flock!

I didn’t know exactly what type of bird he is and couldn’t find him in my bird book until a friend suggested he was an American Coot. And that he is! American Coots are more of a Southern bunch, so seeing this single fellow standing alone near the bridge in the Maumee River at Napoleon, Ohio, was quite the rarity.

Though stubby, this specimen can dive under water as far as 10 to 25 feet to find food, mostly seeds, roots, and leaves, as well as small fish.

Headed North…

These geese appear headed in the wrong direction for the season, which is Winter, it’s said. Temperatures in the above-freezing 30s and low 40s may have Nature temporarily fooled.

North along the Maumee River, headed toward Toledo and Lake Erie, was the path of several flocks of geese I photographed overhead two days ago.