Mums and Colorful Trees and Leaves Equal Fall

It’s my favorite of the four Seasons of the year — Fall!

Hearty Mums brighten Fall’s colors, too!


Trees show off their colors in a small city’s parks and lawns (BELOW):



The tree’s eye-view of its turning leaves (BELOW):


Photos at Napoleon, Ohio, from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Butterfly or Moth?

These little white fliers are everywhere, seemingly all at once! Photographing them takes a bit of patience, as they don’t stay long at one spot on a flower, or a weed, or in the grass. They’re very common, but are they a butterfly, or a moth-like species?


Cedar Waxwings Return

Last Summer we twice experienced a flock of Cedar Waxwings visiting our backyard, once in May, and again later in the season. But this year, they have been few and far between, although apparently not far away, as I caught this beauty with nesting and/or food material in her beak as she passed through.

The black mask for which the species is known is clearly visible in this close-up.